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Why is your Website not Getting Found?

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In this age of multimedia technology, it’s easy for someone to mash together a DIY website trying to save money to make money. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to get that site found, especially with internet search engines constantly evolving the processes.

To get found you MUST focus on…

Search Engine Optimisation

The function of a search engine is to help people find what they are looking for.  You need to ensure your website is optimised for specific keywords to ensure you get ranked at the top. If you get ranked on the first page for the right keywords or phrases you can almost guarantee traffic.


Social Media

Social media is an effective way of getting traffic to your site. Ensure you include social media buttons on your website and work on increasing your social network followers to give you an audience to market your products or services at.




3.       Blogging

Your website needs a blog and that blog needs to contain interesting content! You must share content that benefits the reader, informs them how to do something and achieve results without selling your products or services. Blogging will have a huge impact in where your website features in search engines like Google.


4.      Conventional Advertising

Ensure your brand has an identity and keep it synced across all of your marketing collateral.  Conventional media such as business cards, posters, clothing should include your URL, social network identifiers etc. etc.

When you have generated traffic to your website you need to make sure that your website keeps the attention of your audience to keep them interested, keep them keen to stay on your site and converts them to a customer. Stayed tuned and Cyber Sushi Design will tell you how.

osomwebWhy is your Website not Getting Found?

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