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How to learn anything faster: Don’t read books.

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I always thought school was pretty useless.

For one, they don’t teach you the most basic life skills like personal finance, relationships, negotiation and survival.

And two, they throw a bunch of books at you, expecting you to memorize every detail and perform a new skill without fail.

Now I’m not saying you should completely cut out books from your life. They’re still an enjoyable source for imagination and inspiration.

But if books are your only way for learning a new skill — be it cooking, building relationships, displaying leadership, marketing — you’re learning too slow.

I remember when I first lived away from home, for college. I had this fiery drive to cook.

No one taught me. So I resorted to my old school habits and bought a bagful of recipe + beginner cookbooks to help me get started.

I was pretty sure I wouldn’t mess up. And fairly positive I’d be able to blow people’s minds in the midst of their 1st bite.

Just keep reading…” I’d tell myself, “and eventually you’ll become an Iron Chef.”

(Note: Iron Chef is a cooking show that features some of the world’s most talented chefs who flaunt off their skills in a culinary battle.)

osomwebHow to learn anything faster: Don’t read books.

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