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65 Web Development Blogs You Should Be Reading

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When you want to be ahead of your competition in web development, the best thing to do is stay update with the advancements happening in your chosen field. The best way is to read blogs on regular basis. But, how you are going to choose those blogs online, which offer genuine up-to-date information regarding web development for their readers? Here, in this article, we offer some good web development blogs we should read on a regular basis.

  1. A List Apart

A list apart is one of the best and classy blog which offers slick content with layout and design. The main focus of this blog is upon web‘s best practices as well as standards. For in-depth information in this area this is the best place.

2. Nettuts+

Nettuts+ offers various insightful articles and tutorials which cover Ruby on Rails, PHP, CMS’s, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML etc. for the readers. It also offers a separate page which updated regularly and offers freebies.

3. Smashing Magazine

The popularity of Smashing Magazine grows every year as it is suitable for both developers and designers. The articles here address everything from designing to coding, from graphics to inspiration and are written with a dash of humor and personality.

4. FromDev

This blog offer updated information which is suitable for development of web server side and also offers and recommends best books for this subject. In addition to that, this blog also offers useful tools as well as resources for web designers and developers.

5. WebAppers

WebAppers offer you the best guidance for open resources online. It offers free JavaScript and Ajax components for the users. The free resources which are available on this blog are hand-picked by the owners and checked for quality.

6. Woork Up

Woork up can be offered as one of the most polished blogs which is available in this list and is aimed both at developers as well as designers. The blog offers in-depth tutorials as well as latest tech news and other resources.

7. Ajaxian

This blog is run by Ben Galbraith which is an experienced Enterprise Java Architect and Chief Technical Officer and Dion Almaer, who is director of developer relations for Palm. This blog offers information which pertains to trainings, conferences and jobs.

8. Oneextrapixel (OXP)

OXP was started by 2 Singaporean designers as well as developers who are proficient in their field and they believe in sharing their expertise with the readers. You can find lot of resources, tutorials and tips here.

9. EdgeRails

EdgeRails offer you lot of resources for Ruby. It is the best example for open blogging. The blog encourages the authors to fork this site as also submit articles. Due to this, the blog offers latest RoR new filters for the readers.

10. Inspect Element

The base of this blog is the sharing of resources as well as ideas. The information which is available here can be easily accessed and is useful for the experts as well as the beginners.

11. Position Absolute

Headed by Cedric Dugas, a quirky Canadian who is fanatical about iQuery and CSS, Position Abosolute offers lot of articles and latest news to the readers. Here, you can also find lot of JavaScript snippets which you can use.

12. Script & Style

The script and Style is primarily aimed both at designers as well as developers. You can also find lot of information in archives.

13. Cats Who Code

Everything which is done by Cats who code is executed with artistic flair as well as humor. This site is a member of Smashing Network and receives more than 8000 unique visitors in a day.

14. Web Developer Plus

Web developer Plus covers lot of current information on WordPress, Photoshop, PHP, iQuery, Flash, CSS and Ajax. The articles on this blog are very informative and this site also offers freebies which includes WordPress themes are of top quality.

15. offers lot of interesting information which covers fascinating CSS, XHTML and HTML information for the readers. You can also find various articles which cover inspiration and creativity.

16. Webitect

Founded in October 2008, this site offers useful resources for web designers as well as developers, freelancers and bloggers. Most of the content on this site is written by Nick Parsons , a proud Texan who is a developer and a designer.

17. A Fresh Cup

The author is this blog is Mike Gunderloy who covers all aspects of software development on this blog. The main content of this blog is geared towards Ruby on Rails enthusiasts as well as users. The author also offers great links to the best articles all over the web.

18. RailsTips

This author of this blog is John Nunemaker, who is Chief Technical Officer at the Ordered List. He is very passionate about Ruby on Rails. He also writes about MongoDB.

19. DailyJS

DailyJS is devoted to all things JavaScript and is regularly updated by Alex Young who is founder of Helicoid and a London based software engineer. The other authors on this blog are Gus Knowlden who is technical whiz-kid and web satirist and Ric Roberts who is founder of Swirrl.

20. wtfjs

Wtfis is an irreverent collection of JavaScript abnormalities, inconsistencies and irregularities. This blog is often hilarious and enlightening and strictly for geeks.

21. Sitepoint

SItepoint is one of the most visited website all over the world and regularly updated with new articles which offers all aspects of design and development. It is an online media organization which offers content and software based products.

22. Web Development Blog

The primary focus of this blog is upon PHP scripts and other tutorials. The readers will also find various Google gadgets, bbpress plugins and information regarding Google services, SEO and others.

23. Robby on Rails

Founder of this blog is Robby Russell who is passionate about Ruby and Planet Argon Web design or development agency. He shares his knowledge and thought on this blog regularly.

24. HTMLCenter

HTMLCEnter can be broadly defined as Full Sail University’s Web Design and Development degree program blog. Currently, in state of transition this blog is updated regularly with information and tutorials which is related to web designing and development.

25. Viget Extend

This blog is related to Viget Labs, a strong commercial team of 40 strategists, marketers, designers and web developers. This blog covers trends, tips, best practices, industry events and technology on regular basis.

26. Cool

The author of this blog is Heidi Cool, who has built up a strong following for her blog. She offers lot of tips and advice for the developers who build corporate and academic websites.

27. Line25

Founded by Chris Spooner, this blog has been designed for all those web designers who are looking for creative ideas, advice and for inspiration. This blog also offers latest information about current trend in the market.

28. Position Absolute

This is personal project for Cedric Dugas who is a senior front-end developer. This blog is a valuable gold mine for the developer and designer community.

29. Treehouse Blog

This blog has been created and updated by teachers who want to education students on web design and development. They also offer a library of contents from where you can get advice for any topic.

30. UX Booth

UX can be defined as user experience and this blog offers a platform for experienced web designers. The site also invites guest authors to make their contribution to this site.

31. Web Designer Wall

This blog is run by an experienced illustrator and web designer who want to teach other people about web designing. The blog offers lot of tutorials, opportunities for guest bloggers and ideas to the readers.

32. The Betterment Blog by Digital Telepathy

This is UX/UL and web design blog which is regularly published by Digital Telepathy. The main goal of this blog is the promotion of design culture philosophies- betterment.

33. LogoFury

This blog is a design source for new logo ideas and design which can be used by visitors for inspiration. You can also ask them to design a logo which you can use for your site.

34. Designerfix

Made up by self described design junkies, this site have lot of free great content, free giveaways and great deals for various types of content.

35. Web Design Ledger

This is a blog which is written by web designers for web designers. Founded by Henry Jones, it offers regular blogs for giving useful information. There are many categories which they cover and includes tutorials, tools and resources.

36. Web Designer Depot

Founded by Walter Apai, this is one of the biggest web designers around the world. It covers various categories such as Designer Tutorials, Web Dev, iQuery etc.

37. UX Blog of Patrick McNeil

Patrick McNeil is a Professor and UX designer who speaks and writes about various designs related topics. His blog is very useful for web designers which are full of inspiration and insights.

38. Creative Overflow

Founded in 2009, by Jacques van Heerden, this is an online design magazine which is used for communication of anything creative. The main purpose of this magazine is to inspire artists with creative resources.

39. Just Creative

The creator of this blog is Jacob Cass, who is a multi-purpose graphic designer with impressive career, portfolio and knowledge base. He has created this blog to cover a wide range of design related material.

40. Vandelay Design

This is blog of the design studio with the same name. It covers lot of useful topic which is related to creative aspects of all subjects.

41. The Next Web

This is massive blog which covers most of the aspects of web development and design but is chiefly devoted to design aspect of web development.

42. Swiss Miss

The author of this blog is Tina Roth, who is a Swiss designer gone nye. It offers lot of information regarding design aspect of web development business.

43. Speckyboy

This design magazine started initially as the personal freelance web design homepage for Paul Andrews, who was the founder and now it’s Chief Editor. The blog covers various categories which includes various types of design and development such as Graphic, mobile, freelancing, wordpress and so on.

44. Six Revisions

This blog works as the repository of the useful information for web developers as well as web designers and was founded by Jacob Gube in February 2008. This blog has become very popular with most of the people all over the world.

45. Site Inspire

Site Inspire can be defined broadly as a beautiful directory which you can browse for the well designed websites.

46. Noupe

This is German web development and design magazine which is headed by Michael Dobler. The main goal of this magazine is to offer dynamic and stylish content about design. The publication covers most of the web designing and developing languages.

47. Little Big Details

This blog can be broadly defined as design inspirations curation project offered by Andrew McCarthy and Floris Dekker. Their main aim is to showcase good designs in things big and small.

48. Jason Santa Maria

This blog is offered by Jason who is senior graphic designer based in New York. He offers blog as part of experiment, web design and part journal and part resources for web designing.

49. InstantShift

This blog is inspiration as well as design blog for web developers and web designers. Launched in 2008, it is one continuous source for good content.

50. Hongkiat

Launched in 2007, as an artistic diversion for the founder Honkiat Lim, it became serious source as web development and design magazine with high quality of content from various contributors and writers.

50. From Up North

Founded by Daniel Nelson, this is an inspiration blog for sharing compelling work in various categories such as motion graphics, web design, photography, graphic design etc.

51. Fresh Web Dev

This blog is all about web development and web design. There are many categories such as Web Dev, CSS, WordPress, JavaScript, HTML5, Freebies etc.


This is a community-based website for web developers as well as web designers. This blog covers various categories such as resources, tutorials, Freelance, inspiration etc.

53. Design Shack

This blog and member site is dedicated to offer various tools as well as resources for members as well as acts as showcase of great design inspiration.

54. Design instruct

Launched in 2010 by Isaac and Jacob Gube, this blog is dedicated for keeping the creative minds informed, interested as well as inspired. This blog covers various design sections such as photography, graphic design, web design etc.

55. Design Envy

This is a daily blog which is sponsored by Adobe and AIGA where they invite designers from various disciplines to curate their content every week. The blog covers lot of range in designs which also includes web design.

56. David Airey Blog

A successful brand identity specialist as well as graphic designer, David Aireys’s blog is a successful combination of business experience, design insights and professional journal.

57. Creative Bloq

This blog focus on creative impulses and features various categories such as digital art, graphic design, web design etc. It offers videos, interviews, tutorials etc. for the readers.

58. Spoon Graphics

This is first major blog which has been started by Chris Spooner. Although, intended for web developers and designers, this blog offers tutorials for illustrators and other design elements which are sought by lot of users.

59. Awwards

Although, a showcase which features beautiful and great designs, this blog is also famous for its resources and tools, designs, illustrations etc.

60. Abduzeedo

Founded in 2006, by Fabio Sasso, today it is one of the best sources for inspiration, designer’s resources and tutorials.

61. 24 Ways

This blog is renowned for its quality and content but is only updated during first 24 days of December every year. It includes high quality content about web development and design.

62. Codrops

This is a blog which features articles, giveaways, tutorials, news, freebies the list goes on and on.

63. UX Booth

This is collection of designers and authors who are dedicated for creation of a publication which is by and intended for user experience forum and community. The content which is created is for beginners as well as for intermediate designers.

64. Design Taxi

This is wide-ranging design blog which is spread from web or tech related topics to design related topics in any subject such as illustration, web, media and architecture.

65. Designmodo

This is design as well as blog resources for the readers and developers. The blog offers regular content on various categories like WordPress coding, freebies, designs etc.

These are some of the best and popular blogs online which are devoted to educating readers from all over the world about web design and web development.

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