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3 Instant Website Fixes to Increase Business

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It’s sometimes the smaller things that turn your visitors into clients, here are 3 of our top tips to get your website converting browsers into customers! Remember, if you’re not implementing these fixes on your website there is a good chance your competition is!


1. Add a “Call Me Back” form

Your clients might have found you via the web but they don’t always want to contact you via email.

Lots of people out there still want to speak to a real person, especially if they don’t understand fully what you do and have questions (if selling web services not everyone’s a techy!). Implementing a short form to capture the essential details of potential clients gives you the opportunity to contact them and sell your services personally.


2. Show off your Testimonials

Word of mouth is traditionally how businesses have thrived. If your existing clients have raved about your services, put it in writing and add their testimonial to your website to present yourself as a trustworthy business. Show off your testimonials on a prominent part of your website – don’t hide them away. It may be what’s needed to coerce a new visitor to get in touch or place an order.


3. Offer your Customers some Guarantees

Together with testimonials, guarantees are one of the most effective ways of increasing the conversion rate on your website and other offline marketing. If you believe in your business and the services or products you offer, it’s not hard to offer some form of guarantee. Be honest and ensure you can deliver to win over your future clients and convert that all important new sale.

osomweb3 Instant Website Fixes to Increase Business

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