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20 Useful Software Testing Websites

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Developing software is a very difficult task and to test its performance, to know whether it works fine or not is even harder. It requires professional software testers to check and test the software to ensure high quality performance and standards. Companies spend a lot of their budget on software testing to make sure the software works and perform well.

Testing software is a very complicated, tiring and time consuming task. It requires you to have complete knowledge and experience about software testing. Thanks to the various information sources about software testing that have made this task quite easy and simple. If you are a beginner or an advance level software tester and want to learn more about software testing, then you can get help from the following websites and blogs:

This is one of the best software testing websites that provides a complete package for learning software testing. It provides tutorials; interview questions from the best software developers and testers, training and also detailed knowledge about software testing. This is a great platform to learn about software testing. If you are a beginner and want a quick and easy guide, then this is the best place for you to learn from.

This blog is run and updated by one of the world’s best software testers, named James Bach. He is a professional software tester. This page includes the detailed and complete information from the basics to the advanced level of software testing. So if you are a beginner or an advance software tester, then this website is definitely the best place for you to get useful information about software testing.

Practical Tips for Web Application Testing:

This is one of the informative pages available online where you easily find out detailed information about the web application testing. This page provides some very useful, effective and practical tips that will make your life easy. The information provided on this page is applicable to almost all the web applications so no matter which application software you are working on, if you are stuck in some issue, then you can easily find useful help on this page.

uTest university:

This can be called a learning institution for software testers where they can take different courses from the beginner‘s level to advance level about software learning. Know about the details, tips and techniques regarding software testing from the software experts and that too for free. You do not need to pay any kind of charges here to learn about software testing. It is absolutely a perfect place to get complete learning about software testing.

Grig Gheorghiu:

This page contains more than 100 posts about software testing from the basics to advanced level, shared by professionals who have years of experience in this field.

Google Tester’s Blog:

This blog is handled by the professional Google testers and provides you all what you need to learn about software testing. It provides detailed information, latest news and techniques on how to test or debug software. If you need a professional’s advice about software testing, then just visit this blog and you will get what you want.

Software QA Test:

This website provides information about almost all levels of software testing. If you are facing a problem or have questions about software testing, then you will easily find your answers here.

Cem Kamer:

This is one of the biggest resources of software testing available online. Here you can learn tips about software testing from a master software tester and can also get some useful suggestions from the software industry’s best professionals.

This website contains various posts about software testing. It also contains a complete course about software testing developed by the professional software testers James Bach and Michael Bolton. It is available in the PDF Format that you can easily download.

Lisa Crispin:

Lisa Crispin is a professional website tester. She also offers training to people about software testing. You can easily communicate with her through her website of the same name.

Sticky Minds:

It is basically an online magazine that provides information about software testing. You will be required to be a member of this page to get access to the information about software testing. The registration is completely free.

Test Obsessed:

This is also an effective software testing website run by the professional Elizabeth Hendrickson. She is a well-known person in this industry. This website includes a great amount of information about software testing.

Chris McMahon:

This website provides valuable information about software testing. However, it has not been updated since 2013, but the information already posted on this website is enough for the beginners to learn about software testing.

The Test Eye:

This is a professional blog that provides information about the basics of the software testing along with the real life examples. It is a perfect place for beginners to learn about software testing.

Test This Blog:

This blog provides detailed information about different techniques for software testing, its value and how it works.

Shmuel’s Software Stuff:

This is a blog that contains information about software testing, its basics and advance levels. It is basically for the people who are already working in this field i.e. software testing.

All Things Quality:

This blog is run by the professional Joe Strazzere, who writes about different topics, including software testing, quality management and assurance, etc. He also provides tools and templates that are required for software testers.

Marlena’s Blog:

Run by Marlena, this blog provides information about not just software testing, but also about code and software coding.

QA Intelligence:

This blog contains useful and valuable information about different areas and levels of software testing and QA management.


This blog provides detailed information about software testing such as what books to read to learn software testing, how to solve or deal with the failures that you face while software testing etc.

Another option

The Automated Tester is a blog, which is run by a Mozilla Engineer and talks about software testing and how it works in the real world environment. You will also find many useful discussions about software testing and book recommendations on this website that will help you a lot in learning software testing.

osomweb20 Useful Software Testing Websites

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