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Why is your Website not Getting Found?

In this age of multimedia technology, it’s easy for someone to mash together a DIY website trying to save money to make money. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to get that site found, especially with internet search engines constantly evolving the processes. To get found you MUST focus on… 1.       Search Engine Optimisation The function of

8 things you probably didn’t know about Apple’s upcoming iOS

With the new iPhone(s) being announced on the 10th of September we tell you about 8 features you may not know about of iOS7 that will feature when you update your existing iPhone. Livephoto filters At this point, most of us are used to adding filters to photos after we snap the pics. But the Camera app

Websites On The Go…

Have you checked what your website looks like from your phone recently? With mobile technology continually developing, increasingly websites are being accessed from mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. The problem this poses for business owners is that your website that looks perfect on your desktop computer might not prove functional on the go.

How to Setup an Out of Office for your Twitter Account?

Twitter, for many people, has become a preferred method of contact and marketing in recent years.  When you are on holiday with limited or no access to the Internet, you create an “out of office” reply in your email program to let people know that you won’t be able to respond to them straight away.

10 Ways to Generate Traffic

1. Be seen in a Jam A simple but effective way to generate traffic is to include your URL in all offline marketing literature, from your business cards, letterheads, leaflets and adverts through to stickers or detailing on your car – generate traffic while stuck in that jam. 2. Blogging Join conversations on related blogs

5 Web Design Trends You Will See More of in 2017

The design trends of websites are constantly evolving. If you had your site updated a couple of years ago, you will find these are now outdated due to the invasion of newer trends. No matter whether you are planning to launch a new website or redesign an existing site, it is always good to have

Google Maps Local Listings Can Now Have Videos Uploaded

Google announced today in the local guides forum that users can now upload videos to local map listings. Do you want to add videos of you at your favorite local restaurant? Well now you can, we can see a lot of dull videos getting uploaded but also some great ones at things like sporting event

Why website security and back-ups should be a top priority in 2017

Most of us have heard IT specialists talk about website security and the importance of making back-ups. Unfortunately the threats associated with website security are very real; in 2017, website security and taking back-ups has become more essential than ever for a variety of reasons. Read on to discover why the security of your website